On becoming a cow

On becoming a cow2020 —On contentment  Decolonising colour Acrylic painting 2020 Protecting cow magic spell Oil painting 2020 Cow on top of toilet roll Oil painting 2020 Cow looking at […]

The Mexican Dolly

The Mexican Dolly Project

Oxford, United Kingdom 2011-2012 Photos by Niko Bryan. The Mexican Dolly project is about how imagination in multicultural countries is a rich source of empowerment that give a sense of […]

Becoming Chac Mool

Becoming Chac Mool

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Artists Harold Offeh and Veronica Cordova de la Rosa invited children and […]

Live Art and Performance Group LAPER


https://veronicacordovadelarosa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/LAPER.mp4 View on Tumblr In order to share my artistic findings and widen the possibility of experimental performance art collective practices with British community, I co-created with artist Peta Lloyd […]