Viva la vida

In realm of artistic exploration, Frida Kahlo created a painting of watermelons entitled ‘Viva la Vida’ in her final act of creative expression just eight days before her death in […]

Homage to Nan Goldin

Homage to Nan Goldin —On memory During my time in a guardian scheme, I purchased a leopard coat from charity shop. It was during this period that I embarked on […]

Cafecito Hell

Cafecito Hell The Ark T Centre, East Oxford 2021 —On Justice Through sympathetic magic, I seek to dismantle an unwilling part of myself that must come to terms with their […]

Homage to Ana Mendieta

Homage to Ana Mendieta Contact Theatre, Manchester. 2014 —On Memory I applied Vick’s vaporub and feathers. I sing like a rooster. My voice resembles a rooster’s call. As my voice […]

On becoming a pig

On becoming a pig —Joy Self-portrait as a capitalist pig emoji Linocut print 2023 Little pig cherubs Oil painting 2023 Piggy family Acrylic painting 2023 Share: Share on facebook Share […]

River Thames

River Thames —On Compassion Photos by Stu Allsopp In 2018, I applied for an artist visa in order to stay in the United Kingdom longer. I was uncertain about the […]

Homage to Valie Export

Homage to Valie Export —On memory Photos by Stu Allsopp In the aftermath of the pandemic, I suffered from long covid, which restricted my movements and left me tired and […]

On becoming a cow

On becoming a cow2020 —On contentment  Decolonising colour Acrylic painting 2020 Protecting cow magic spell Oil painting 2020 Cow on top of toilet roll Oil painting 2020 Cow looking at […]

Port Meadow

Port Meadow Oxford, 2015. —On compassion Photo by Pier Corona ‡ My family taught me how to cope with sadness when my cousin Edith passed away when I was a […]

100,000 Mexicans to be found

2022 Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK. More than 100,000 people have disappeared in Mexico, most since 2006. It’s the worst crisis of the disappeared in Latin America since the Cold […]