Mexican artist living in London, UK.

La Calle Fashion

The musicians in Oxford’s city centre

Performance in Oxford, United Kingdom, 2017.

On Joy

Pictures by Stu Allsopp.

La Calle/ Fashion is an action that was inspired by Leon Ferrari sculpture The Musicians I felt as dressing up as a Ferrari’s musician and artist Hugh Pryor also dressed up for the occasion.

During our walk in the city centre of Oxford in the United Kingdom, we integrated playful dynamics such as running, chasing a yarn as if we were cats and sometimes people asked us to take pictures of us or with us. We did this with colourful bright colours in contrast with Oxford’s old buildings. 

La Calle Fashion
La Calle Fashion

Performance as an expanded practice

Work in response to ‘We are glad if we can demonstrate’ 2021

Photographer Shan Sriharan


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