Welcome to my artist website!

I invite you to immerse yourself in art and make it part of your life. I create art as a means to explore the world from a philosophical, aesthethic, and ethical perspective. My goal is to inspire people to embrace arts an important part of their well-being and lifestyle, both through experiencing and collecting art. I want to help people think about how they can cope with the overwhelming visual stimuli of today’s world and find solace and centering through art.

My artistic journey began with a solid studies in Fine Arts and Art History at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Building on that, I earned a master degree in public art and eventually a doctorate in practice. During my research, I explored my own self-perception when confronted with violent images of the Mexican drug war. This investigation led me to create powerful images, sculptures and performative actions that allow me to confront and engage with issues of violence.

I currently live in London, UK, and was an adjunct lecturer and visiting scholar at Oxford Brookes University. In 2016, I founded Live Art and Performance Group, where I curate and organize compelling art events. Working with talented artists, curators and organisations, I strive to create unique and ephemeral experiences that leave a lasting impression.

I am proud to be from Mexico and acknowledge my protected characteristics in the UK, but I consider myself a citizen of the world and a member of the global community. Furthermore as a neurodiverse person, characterised by hypersensivity and introversion, I bring a unique perspective to my art. After a year of experiencing first hand the challenges of living with Long Covid, I had become an ardent advocate of radical self-care.