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Through a multiplicity of voices and journeys, this anthology highlights the everyday lives, experiences, energies and spirits of non-conformist wom!n (i.e., women, womyn, womxn—however, self-identified) from around the globe. Veronica Cordova de la Rosa’s artwork on becoming a cow opens Part I Resistance and Rebellion. In it, she speaks to the frustration of migrant workers in the United Kingdom. The accompanying description includes her personal account of migrant’s workers domestication and over-exploitation within an overhyped retail industry, one in which a particular beauty standard emerges to whitewash the diversity of wom!n’s existence.

Edited by Epifania Akosua Amoo-Adare and Rapti Siriwardane-de Zoysa, 2024.

A discussion between Harold Offeh and the artist contributors, 2022.

In Other Words 2 is a continuation of a collection of urgent reflections, created by artists exploring their hopes and fears at a time of global crisis. My writing is a short, straightforward narrative about a few things that I did after the third lockdown. It is a wish list. 

Silent witness, Resilience and the City 15 ELIA Biennial conference, page 248, 2019

Veronica Cordova de la Rosa (MX): Silent Witness – where the marginalised meet the high street.