Mexican artist living in London, UK.

Is she a cow?
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DIY Video: Is she a cow?
Osney Cementery Oxford, 2020

Is she a cow?

Short extract of writing of future publication.

On Compassion

Veronica Cordova de la Rosa, ‘Is she a cow? On becoming ‘cow’ in performance art research’ (2021). In Anthology of Non-Conformism: Rebel Women Words, Ways & Wonders, Rapti Siriwardane-de Zoysa and Epifania Akosua Amoo-Adare (eds.), (to be published by DIO Press).

My first-hand experience of COVID-19, while laboring within the retail industry had me contemplating upon a little wooden cow souvenir I had acquired in Zurich, while at a performance arts festival years ago. For me, COVID-19 ushered in spectral memories of the UK’s mad cow disease, in the 1980s, when hundreds of thousands of cows were sacrificed by their ‘owners’, due to their diseased state. Bearing this in mind, the concept of the cow morphed into a mirror of myself, while I struggled alone and infected in Oxford.

At the time, I embodied different kinds of vulnerability, just as cows themselves were (and still are) seen as commodities to be summarily dispensed with. In the same way, among others in the UK, BIPOC essential workers are among the most precarious UK inhabitants, during this long drawn biopolitical and medical crisis.


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