Mexican artist living in London, UK.

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Live Art and Performance Group LAPER

On Contentment

In order to share my artistic findings and widen the possibility of experimental performance art collective practices with British community, I co-created with artist Peta Lloyd the art platform Live Art and Performance Group (LAPER) in 2015. As the director, I have organised numerous performance art meetings and three International Performance Art Festivals: ‘Elastic’ in 2017, ‘Squash & Stretch’ in 2018 and ‘Lead’ in 2019. I have secured funding from both the School of Arts at Oxford Brookes, Santander Awards and Oxford City Council to unite artists whose work addresses race, cultural appropriation, gender equality and class awareness in the United Kingdom.

LAPER offers arts-based professional development opportunities to individuals, non-profit organisations, art charities, and educational institutions.

Link to LAPER’s website:

What is Live Art?

Live Art, in recent years, has become a popular term, with its definition under on-going debate. Covering a diverse range of performance and artistic activity, it is essentially a live visual medium, a language of image, action and object, often created for a specific location. Live Art is experimental and research based. Its practitioners use a wide spectrum of strategies from performing carefully crafted works to the improvisation of spontaneous performances which have no specific or scripted preparation. Artists may work individually, collaborate with other performers or involve audience members, combining skills and ideas in both formal and informal ways.

Live art can take place in varying and different contexts and interact with a crowd or an individual. The work comes into being at the moment of encounter between artist and spectator. The artist may be wanting to shock you, engage you, break down prejudices, build a feeling of community or make you laugh. Your role in experiencing and thinking about a live art event can be compared to the experience of reading a book or a poem except in a live art experience the artist is giving you the work at first hand. A fleeting experience which you may move you or not.


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