Mexican artist living in London, UK.

Silent Witness
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Silent Witness
Silent Witness
Silent Witness

Silent Witness

2013, documentation of Performance presented at Ovada Art Gallery, Oxford.

On Memory

Video by a member of the audience.

In this performance, a long walk around an image of women about to be executed set the beginning of the performance and delimited the space in which I moved around. The image was swept with a broom that had roses instead of bristles. It was swept until the roses were destroyed. During the action I felt disgusted towards the women’s body appearance and the broom transformed into other things; it slowly transformed into a tool to clean and a tool to destroy.

The image is drawn from a video circulated on Facebook. According to the description of the video, the women were about to be tortured and then executed by drug dealers in Mexico. I took a screenshot because the structure of the women’s bodies looked like my body: big breasts and broad shoulders. I decided to delete the image through the process of photocopying it several times until it disappeared.

Performance as an expanded practice - 2019

There are several ways to interpret a performance art work. There are different ways to give meaning to an action that may seem entertaining and also disorientating. This is what people experience in the public space – a sense of disorientation. The thoughts we have
around the people and things we see in the streets may be verbalised and articulated in spoken language or they may not. Language may be insufficient when we are experiencing and contemplating people in public places. When we sit down on a bench, on the floor or in a table outside a restaurant to have a coffee, we observe the scenery and become others: we start transforming ourselves into others. During this state of becoming, we pay attention to what is happening in front of us. We are not thinking of ourselves anymore, but we are thinking of what is in front of us. Suddenly we are in another space. This space is the urban emptiness that appears when noticing others.


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