Mexican artist living in London, UK.

We Have Names
We Have Names
We Have Names
We Have Names
We Have Names
We Have Names

Missing person posters, Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua 2010

Yes, we have names, faces and bodies

2016, performance, 5 minutes.
Glass Tank Gallery

On Justice

As part of my exhibition Images of Violence from Mexico: A performance-based enquiry. Tu estas aquí y yo estoy allá, a performance with the help of five Latin American and one British-Spanish woman was organised.

We each pronounced the names of 16-17 missing women out loud, without any announcement of the action, and walked around the gallery pronouncing their names and surnames, as if we were the extension of their mother’s voices calling their names.

The participants were asked to wear their favourite clothes for the performance.

The names were published by the ‘Registro Nacional de Datos de Personas Extraviadas o Desaparecidas, RNPED’, a federal government institution dedicated to collect missing people data.

Thanks to artists and academics, Rosa Codina (Peruvian), Camila Mella San Martin (Chilean), Sonia Boue (Catalan/British), Kesia Decote Rodrigues (Brazilian).

The names of the missing women I pronounced were:

  • Diana Rocio Ramirez Hernandez 18 years old,
  • Monica Janeth Alanis Esparza, 18 years old,
  • Gabriela Espinoza Ibarra 19 years old,
  • Idali Juache Laguna 19 years old,
  • Andrea Guerrero unknown,
  • Marisela Gonzalez Vargas 26 years old,
  • Brenda Berenice Castillo 17 years old,
  • Esmeralda Garcia Castillo Rincon, 14 years old,
  • Silvia Arce 29 years old,
  • Maria de la Luz Hernandez Cardona, 18 years old,
  • Bertha Alicia Vidal Varela, 17 years old,
  • Nancy Iveth Navarro Munoz, 18 years old,
  • Brenda Ivonne Ponce Saenz, 17 years old,
  • Cinthia Jocabeth Castaneda Alvarado 13 years old,
  • Jessica Ivonne Padilla Cuellar 16 years old,
  • Patricia Jazmin Ibarra Apodaca 18 years old
  • Grisel Paola Ventura Rosas 16 years old.


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